Posted by: lilyardas | May 3, 2007

May 2: Muslim?

The setting was when I alighted from the bus and was about to cross the street. An Afro-American approached me

The Guy: Muslim?

Me: Ya, are you?

The Guy: Well, my daughter and son are Muslims. But I’m still a conventional guy

Me: ?? (dongok mode-on)

The Guy: Alabama? Baptist? Church?

Me: Oooh (dongok mode-on)

The Guy: Where are you from?

Me: Indonesia

The Guy: How do you find Hawaii?

Me: I love to be here, convenient and has no snow.. hahaha, I hate snow

The Guy: Me too, that’s why I came from Cleveland 20 years ago to finish my work here. After
that I moved all my belongings here and live here

Me: You live around here?

The Guy: Yes, I do. Just right in the corner of the street. I just came back from my work at the army at downtown, and about to get my car there.

Me: Oh, ok

The Guy: Are you married? (nah, ini yang bikin gue bingung nih… di Hawaii orang demen banget nanya umur kamu berapa atau udah merit apa belum)

Me: Yes

The Guy: Ok, that’s my car.. nice to meet you

Me: Nice to meet you too



  1. kemungkinan besar dia naksir lo Ly;)
    Ayo Elpi,..dijaga lebih ketat neng Lily- nya:D


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