Posted by: lilyardas | April 10, 2007

Apr 09: My Birthday Party

Today is Makoto’s birthday, tomorrow is Yuko’s and the day after tomorrow is mine. I just came back from our birthday party. Wow, so surprise. It was held in Ayumi and Emi’s house, and arranged by Akky and Kenji. We went there around 6.30 and Ayumi and Akky prepared a lot of food and drinks for the party, including cheese pizza for me and Jas who don’t eat pork . They gave us Leis too. Lei is Hawaiian garland, usually given to those as symbol of affection.

Makoto just got his birthday present today. A new nice car that he bought for only USD 2,250 (finally I found cheap things in Hawaii… cars!). It was used car, a 1995 one. But it still in a good condition and fit 7 people in it. He named his car as “White Horse” as many women wait for their dreamed prince come with a white horse, and he is looking forward to his woman 😀 Yuko got an “unforgettable” present, a scratch from her body board, when she tried to body surf in Maui island last week end.

The party organizers also prepared birthday cards for us, and cake too. Wow, I cannot write more, I’m speechless



  1. Lilyl!!!
    happy belated bday …
    maaf ya telat banget bo’!! …


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