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Mar 31: North Shore Trip

Some JAIMS’ staffs reminded us, “Enjoy your 1st month of studying by playing as much as you can. Otherwise, you will not have much time to do that afterwards.” Hmm… sounds so daunting to me. However, I suppose it is true, as many lecturers already gave us information about what to do in their classes. I can imagine how busy would that be

Hence, in the 1st week end as JAIMS students, the 23 member of ICMP class joined the North Shore Trip. Thanks to Akky who arranged this trip happened, as well as Miles, Akky’s housemate and ex-JEMBA student, who accompanied us as the tour guide.

After meeting at JAIMS lobby around 9.00-9.30 AM, five cars driven by Akky, Hide, Kenji, Atsushi and Haru, led us to our first stop in a pineapple yard, Dole Plantation

Dole Plantation
In 1901, the most influential company of pineapples business in the world was funded by a 24-years-old youngman, James Dole. He was not the first man grew pineapple in Hawaii, but he was certainly pioneered in pineapple industry.

In Dole Plantation, you may find variety of pineapple around the world, including Indonesia. You also may find many products made from pineapple, such as pineapple cakes, pineapple candies, pineapple ice cream, pineapple salad dressing and many more… everything from pineapples. Also available is merchandises in pineapple shapes and pictures. The plantation is also equipped by many attractions, for instance a 20-minutes-ride train tour over a working plantation, self-guided garden tour and a huge area of maze (I just found on the net that The Pineapple Garden Maze at Dole Plantation, recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records 2001 as the World’s Largest Maze.. cool, huh?).

The things that interest me here, is that how the state government of Hawaii can empower the company as one of tourism attraction. Hundred thousand dollars were delivered to refurnish the ‘pineapple center’ as we saw that day

After 2 hours sight seeing and 20 minutes missing-Jas seeking, we continued to our next stop Laniakea Beach

Laniakea Beach
When Akky reminded us that there is neither changing area nor restroom at all at Laniakea Beach, I did really wonder why they manage the beach like that. However, I found the reason right away after we arrived at our 2nd destination. The beach looks very natural, as the government keeps it as it is.

Honu is the main attraction of Laniakea Beach, apart surfing spot and great sand in Oahu’s North Shore. Honu means Green Turtle. It is a native Hawaii animal, and can be found in shallow coast waters around the islands. We were so lucky to meet Dawn, a 45 years old green turtle, who came close to the sand to take some time to comfort her self under the sun. Green turtles like to crawl ashore for several hours at a time to sleep and bask to make their body warmth. To protect the turtles’ activities, volunteers from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who work at the beach will put a red rope around them, to avoid people to be too close to them. People tend to touch, feed or even sit on them!

I had a chance to talk with Mike and his three other friends, who worked there as volunteers. They explained that their main job is to avoid people stay at least 10 feet away who were really excited to see the turtle, because it might be dangerous for both visitors and the turtle. The turtles might bite, while the visitor might disturb the turtles’ way of living

I also noticed that there an antenna glued on Dawn’s back. It was an antenna put by NOAA for a research to identify the pattern of Honus’ life. The antenna would track where and when the Honus go, and further, the output of the research is to reserve number of Green Turtle that currently only 200 turtles existed

Waimea Beach
The third stop was Waimea Beach. I did not spend much time on the sands, as it was really really hot that day. I just sit under the trees with some other students playing volley ball. After a few hours there, we went back through the east side of the island. We stopped at several place to take a rest for a while and arrived back at JAIMS around 7.30 PM



  1. Uh-oh forgot to tell… Kenji got a free meal when we ate shrimps and prawns as the kitchen lady thought he was the driver of group of tourists (read: us)… Hide failed to follow Kenji’s success 😀


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